Thank Yous, Transitions, and Introductions

While 100 Women Who Care Mississauga have been taking a bit of a break from our public activities during the summer, there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes with the Steering Team, so we would like to take the opportunity to give some heartfelt thank yous, announce some transitions, and make some introductions.

Thank You!💙

We would like to extend our heartfelt thank yous and deep gratitude to Treasurer Elizabeth LaPointe and Secretary Samantha Wallace for their past service as they transition from the Steering Team.

Elizabeth LaPointe was a founding member of 100 Women Who Care Mississauga and an original Steering Team Member. Elizabeth is a Realtor with Royal LePage Real Estate Services. As the Treasurer on the 100 Women Who Care Mississauga Steering Team, she created & managed our chapter budget, managed and tracked sponsorship donations, and oversaw our community bank account. Elizabeth also volunteers with the Mississauga Special Olympics and was the treasurer there for 10 years. Her son, Mark, plays on many of the Mississauga Special Olympics teams.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for all that you did to help get our chapter up and running! We appreciate you and look forward to continuing our relationship with you as a member!❤️

Samantha Wallace came on board last year in the newly-created position of Secretary. With her previous experience on the boards of charitable organizations, Samantha helped us develop and formalize our internal protocols for the Steering Team, as well as managing Membership and Retention for our group.

Samantha has a Project Management background, focusing on strategic transformation initiatives. She recently started her own business, re-mom, providing support for working mothers. She is a lifelong Mississauga resident, and is extremely passionate about giving back to her community. Previously a Director on the Board at Eden Food for Change, Samantha joined 100 Women Who Cares Mississauga as the Secretary in September 2022.

Thank you, Samantha, for developing the role of Secretary and all you did to help our chapter! We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you at future meetings as one of our valued members.❤️

Elizabeth LaPoint, with Christine Hull

Elizabeth LaPoint, with Christine Hull

Samantha Wallace and Anuja Pereira

Samantha Wallace and Anuja Pereira


We are happy to announce that Steering Team member Anuja Pereira will be transitioning to the newly created position of Membership & Recruitment. This function used to be under the purview of the Secretary, but it was recognized that it requires undivided attention and has been separated into its own category. For the past year, Anuja acted in the role of Public Relations, but moving forward in her new role, she has some really creative ideas for increasing our membership. We’re looking forward to implementing her ideas for growth.

Anuja is a Realtor with RE/MAX Realty Enterprises and loves helping people through the process of buying and selling residential properties. She also has 15 years of teaching experience in public high schools and a background in real estate investment. She also enjoys volunteering with The Compass regularly. In 2021, she started a local podcast called Lorne Park Living in which she interviews the people in South Mississauga who she calls “difference makers” and who help create such a fantastic place to live.

Thank you, Anuja, for your enthusiasm for 100 Women Who Care Mississauga, and for your fresh ideas and perspective. We are looking forward to implementing your new strategies!❤️


With the movement mentioned above, we would like to introduce you all to the newest members of our Steering Team.

Welcome to our new Treasurer, Samantha Chapman! Samantha is already a part of the group, as a member and as a Sponsor. Samantha is an RMT, with a past career as a CPA , and her expertise in finance and commitment to making a positive impact in the community truly impressed us. As our Treasurer, Samantha will be responsible for managing our finances and ensuring transparency in our financial operations. Her experience as a Chartered Public Accountant will be instrumental in guiding our financial decisions and maximizing the impact of our collective efforts.

We are grateful to have you as part of our team, Samantha, and are looking forward to growing our relationship in the coming year.❤️

Welcome to Diana Soos, our new Secretary. Diana came to our group after seeing an article in Neighbours magazine. A proud resident of Mississauga, Diana is a lawyer by profession, and is currently the Director of Legal Services for a large municipality. As such, her attention to detail and experience with protocols will make her very well-suited to the role of Secretary.

We are looking forward to working with Diana in the coming months, and refining and improving our internal protocols so our group is working at its highest level. Welcome Diana!❤️

Our final newcomer is Jo-Anne Pietrantonio, who will be taking on the newly created role of Donations Manager. Jo-Anne is a longtime member of 100 Women Who Care Mississauga and was quick to volunteer herself when it was announced we were looking for some new volunteers. Her years of experience in customer service as a Mortgage Agent will serve her well in this member-facing role, liaising between our members and the charities.

A hearty welcome to Jo-Anne! We are looking forward to seeing how you will develop this new role within the Steering Team.❤️

Samantha Chapman Headshot

Samantha Chapman, Treasurer

Diana Soos Headshot

Diana Soos, Secretary

Jo-Anne Pietrantonio Headshot

Jo-Anne Pietrantonio, Donations Manager

Are You Interested in Volunteering?💙

We are currently looking to fill a few more roles within the Steering Team. We are looking for a Public Relations manager with connections in various local media and strong communication skills. We are also looking for an additional member for our Social Media Team. This position requires knowledge of a variety of social media platforms, especially Google Business Profile, Facebook Pages, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you are interested in volunteering and have a relevant skill set, please email and put “Interested in Volunteering” in the subject line for more information.

We hope you have all been having a wonderful summer, and we are looking forward to seeing you all soon as we return to our normal programming.

Check out our fall meetings and events,

Xanthe LeBlanc



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