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Resources for Finding and Nominating Charities for a 100 Women Who Care Mississauga Giving Circle

Three times a year, 100 Women Who Care Mississauga makes a collective donation to a local, Mississauga-based charity. As an organization, we frequently say we are “Volunteer Led, Member Driven”. But what does that actually mean in practice?

We have a team of volunteers, called the Steering Team, that drives the marketing and social media, sponsorship, membership and recruitment strategies, and planning and running our events, called Giving Circles. But our members drive how the funds we collectively donate are distributed through the nominations and voting processes.

How Does a Charity “Qualify”?

While we actively encourage our members to nominate charities for consideration, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with our members some ways they can find local, Mississauga-based charities to nominate.  First, let’s Outline what qualifies a charity for nomination.

Members in Good Standing* may nominate charities.  In order to be eligible, the charities MUST:

✅ be Canadian,
✅ be based in Mississauga, and serve the Mississauga community,
✅ have a Charitable Registration Number,
✅ issue tax receipts for each individual donation,
✅ have an immediate, specific need,
✅ ensure 100% of our donation be applied to the need in question,
✅ agree not to add donors to their email lists,
✅ must have a direct donation link, either on their website or through Canada Helps.

Charities must be inclusive and not exclude on the basis of religion, race, or sexual or gender orientation. Following the generally accepted model of the 100 Who Care Alliance, we do not support religious institutions or political organizations. If a religious institution has a separate community outreach program that has its own, separate Charitable Registration Number, it will be eligible for consideration.

The nomination process starts fresh each quarter, so any charity that has not received the collective donation within the last two years is eligible for re-submission.  Charities that have received the collective donation are ineligible for nomination for two years following receipt of the donation.

Please NOTE:

🖊️ If a member of 100 Women Who Care Mississauga heads their own charity, they may not self-nominate. Another member may nominate on their behalf. The nominating member cannot be an employee of the charity.

🖊️ A member in Good Standing* has completed the registration and commitment form and has made all of their required donations to date.

🖊️ Members in Good Standing* may nominate as many charities as they want.

🖊️ Charities can receive multiple nominations. The more nominations a charity receives the better their chances are to be selected to present at the Giving Circle.  They will receive one space for each nomination on the WheelofNames for the random selection at the end of the vetting period.

Giving Circle in One Month Charity Nominations Open

Finding Charities to Nominate

Leverage Your Personal Network: Talk to your friends and family.  What charities do they support?  If it’s a national charity, do they have a Mississauga-based chapter? (Start2Finish) Are there any diseases or conditions within your network that have support organizations that serve the Mississauga community? (Passion for Parkinsons)  Do you have any special-interest groups that inspire you and you would like to support? (Embrave: Agency to End Violence, Vita Centre)  There are multiple food banks in Mississauga that always need support—maybe there is one specific to your neighbourhood you would like to draw attention to? (Seva Food Bank, Food Banks Mississauga, Eden Food for Change) Talk to people, ask around.  You will be surprised at the need in your community.

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Refer to the 100 Women Who Care Mississauga Past Nominees Page on our website: Unfortunately, we can only help one organization per Giving Circle, but over the last three years we have received a plethora of nominations for charities that have not yet had their chance on stage.  We have collected the name of every organization that has ever been nominated by our members and provided links to their websites so you can do some research to see if you would like to nominate (or re-nominate) any of these organizations.  While not every charity on the list has passed through our vetting process (usually because they are outside the Mississauga region), they are still worthy organizations, and we still want to draw attention to them.

Tablet Screenshot showing Past Nominees

Go to Canada Helps and search the Mississauga region:  While not a fully comprehensive list of Mississauga charities, Canada Helps provides access to the profiles of all the Mississauga charities that use them as a secure donations portal.  When you click on a charity profile, it provides a thumbnail of the organization, with enough information to determine whether they are eligible for nomination according to our chapter’s criteria.  If they meet our qualifications, you can click on the website link provided to learn more about the specific charity to determine whether you support their mission and would like to nominate them.  For the last two years, I have personally used this method to find charities whose mission I support and have nominated several new-to-me organizations. (Luso Canadian Charitable Society, Community Living Mississauga)

Canada Helps website screenshot on a tablet

Google is your friend:  Google is always a resource, available to everyone.  This is probably the most labour intensive option, depending on your google search skills. I would recommend starting your search with “Mississauga-based charities” and seeing where that takes you.  Searching this way will open the door to charities that don’t use Canada Helps to manage their donations.  It will probably also lead you to some smaller, lesser known charities.

Phone Screenshot of Google results

As a group, 100 Women Who Care Mississauga has been very successful at generating nominations, thanks to the kindness, dedication, and generous spirits of our members. As a member, if participating in the Giving Circles and making your donations is what you can manage with your other obligations, we thank you very much!  If, however, you would like to be more involved with finding and nominating the charities that are presented to our membership, hopefully the resources outlined above will help you enhance your 100 Women Who Care Mississauga experience.

We look forward to hearing from you and making this nominations cycle our most successful ever!

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