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You too can help raise $10,000 (or more) to support a local charity in just one hour! Join other like-minded women who care about Mississauga and its residents. 100 Women Who Care Mississauga has an annual goal to give $30,000 to local nonprofits. Help us meet or exceed that goal.
Join us in growing women’s philanthropy, while investing big dollars for big impact in the Mississauga community!
Donated $100,000 to date


To join our chapter, please complete the online Member Registration and Commitment Form.


You may join as a Team of 2 or 4 people, dividing the donation amount equally between Team Members. Select a Team Captain and then have that person complete the Team Registration & Committee Form on behalf of all Team Members. For more info about joining as a Team, see our FAQ page.
Members Group Photo from June 2024 Giving Circle

100 Women Who Care Mississauga Chapter - Members List

(Updated June 21, 2024 at 7:15 pm)

Click on the name links highlighted in RED to view their Member Spotlight or BLUE to view their Steering Team Profile.

Individual Members


  • Betty Hildebrand & Sharon Ruddy
  • Cathy Bochnak & Wendy Vujacic
  • Christina Boyle & Marina Vadivelu
  • Ellen Nightingale & Lisa Garry
  • Elina Zoberi, Marzia Zoberi, Daania Zoberi & Kashif Zoberi
  • Jacqueline Grange & Graziella Colacicco
  • Joanna Davidson & Sandy Medved
  • Jodi Sparks & Joanne Benninger
  • Kiran Kaur, Tanys Insley, Rachel Bangura & Jamuna Balaram
  • Marthess Bruzzese & Sonia Piatkowski
  • Shelagh Barry & Sarah Barry
  • Ursala James & Louise McNeely



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