Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Hear From Our Members

There are so many reasons to be involved with a community organization like 100 Women Who Care Mississauga, and we have asked our wonderful members to introduce themselves and share the reason they joined us and how membership has touched them.

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Salimah Haji Member Spotlight

I joined 100 Women Who Care Mississauga because I believe in the power of collective giving to make a meaningful difference in our community. By coming together with like-minded individuals, I can amplify the impact of my donation and support local charities that are addressing vital needs and making a positive impact where it matters most. This collective approach resonates with my values of community, compassion, and collaboration, and I’m excited to be part of a movement that is dedicated to creating positive change and building a stronger, more vibrant community for us all.

Salimah Haji
Business Growth Consultant

Member Spotlight: Sharon Bailey

I wanted to do more for my community and becoming a member of 100 Women Who Care Mississauga gave me the opportunity to do more for my community. It is a pleasure to see how 100+ women can work together to make a positive impact on our community.

Sharon Bailey
SAB Fruit Cake

Member Spotlight: Shalini Dharna

I love being a member as everyone in this Chapter shares such passion for helping and supporting others in need, no matter what their own personal situation is. Their values of giving of their time and resources inspires me and I’m glad to have the members in my life!

Shalini Dharna

Member Spotlight: Shahnaz Dar

Thrilled to be part of Women Who Care! It’s the ideal platform to connect with incredible, like-minded women and make a positive impact on the community through charity. I have gained valuable insights from the hardworking and compassionate women in this group for both my business and personal life. I am grateful for the opportunity to both learn and give back.

Shahnaz Dar
Youthful Derma Laser & Medispa

Member Spotlight: Donna Philp

I thought this was a great opportunity to give back to my community. I was looking for something to do, but I don’t have a lot of time to volunteer. I love the fact that our donations go towards programs/charities that otherwise don’t get funding from anywhere else. It makes me feel good to give back to those that need the assistance & I know the charity & those they help are very grateful

Donna Philp
Pampered Chef Independent Consultant-Getting Pampered with Donna

Member Spotlight: Ann DeLuca

I wanted to be part of something bigger than me where I could make a difference. I love the idea of the “power of many”. Being a member means many things to me, including that I get to surround myself with like minded women who want to contribute significantly to help others out. Our combined contributions do this!

Ann DeLuca
Stepping Stone Coaching and Consulting

Member Spotlight: Margot Stevens

I appreciate the increased impact that my financial contributions can make to community organizations when it is pooled with the contributions of all the other members. What I have really loved is getting to know the incredible work being done in our community by these organizations, and the solidarity I’ve experienced between the members in supporting their work.

Margot Stevens
Common Path Consulting

Member Spotlight: Teresa Ryce

I joined 100 Women Who Care Mississauga because I wanted to be more than just a bystander in my community. This organization is a community in itself, filled with incredible women who are equally passionate about making a change. It’s empowering to see how our combined efforts bring about a real, positive impact on local causes. It’s a simple yet powerful way to give back, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this amazing group.

Teresa Ryce
Women’s Health Coach

Member Spotlight: Mo Calderone

I was looking for a way to help in the community. But something that was diverse enough. I didn’t want to just jump into something and realize the time commitment was beyond what I had expected and it’s not. It’s an amazing group of women who are all there to make a difference too.

Mo Calderone
Nu Skin

Member Spotlight: Rosa Jaques

Being a member of 100 Women Who Care has brought me such joy. I didn’t realize how much until I became involved in all the meetings and hearing about all the charities in Mississauga. Knowing we are giving back to the community is beyond words. Helping children, families, people make it through day by day, knowing that the little contribution goes a long long way. I was blessed when I was introduced to this group.

Rosa Jaques
Need a Mortgage Inc.

Member Spotlight: Vivian Singh

The idea of joining a group of like minded women to raise $10k so easily to help others, appealed to me right away. I didn’t have to think twice about joining 100 Women Who Care Mississauga when I saw the impact a small effort could have on making our world a better place. I also love meeting the other women who are so committed to the cause.

Vivian Singh
Haute Image Consulting

Member Spotlight: Linsey Denham

I joined the chapter on day 1 because I felt it was a brilliant way to donate to charity with an added bonus of being part of a wonderfully caring community of women. 100% of my donation goes to the chosen charity and that feels brilliant. Plus I get to know what my money is being used for.

Being an extra pair of hands, when needed by the Steering Team, is an extra way for me to be of service to our community and I dream of making the Mississauga chapter “1,000 Women Who Care”. Imagine what the charities will be able to do with $100,000.

Linsey Denham
Emotional Support and Healing

Member Spotlight: Rita Mukaj

When I learnt about 100 Women Who Care, I joined right away out of excitement. My attention is piqued by the knowledge that the money will benefit a deserving organisation and assist those in need. My family and I were in great need of many things when I emigrated to Canada 25 years ago, today I feel good knowing that I can give back to my community and be a part of such a strong and amazing group of women. Together, we can have a beneficial influence on our community.

Rita Mukaj
VR Moving Inc

Member Spotlight: Hilda Rodgers

I love learning about various charities and how they support people in Mississauga. And it’s incredible knowing my $100 donation is part of a larger donation which can make a huge impact! Meeting other like-minded women, committed to making a difference in Mississauga is the cherry on top.

Hilda Rodgers
From Overwhelmed To Organized

Member Spotlight: Susie Beghin

I love that my donation goes directly to people in the local community in need. My small donation is combined with others to make a huge impact.

Susie Beghin
Alpha’s Discovery Kids

Member Spotlight: Sandra DaCosta

I joined 100 Women Who Care Mississauga right from the beginning. I became a member because I wanted to join a group of local women who collectively make a huge impact on those in need within our community. This membership provides the opportunity to meet and network with brilliant women in the community. This is an ideal opportunity to be part of a powerful group of local women making an immediate, direct and positive effect on the lives of many local charities. I have learnt about the many worthy community programs and organizations servicing Mississauga along the way. 100% of your donations go directly to local charities. Plus each donation is tax deductible… It’s a win win!

Sandra DaCosta

I joined 100 Women Who Care Mississauga to collaborate with other women for the good of our community. The funds we give to organizations serving Mississauga go a long way to help families in Mississauga. Every dollar makes a difference. #thePowerof100 makes a difference.

Nita Kang
Real Estate Sales Representative

Victoria Slusarczyk RBC Mortgage Specialist

I joined 100 women who care because I felt it was an incredible initiative that served immediate needs within the community on a continuous basis. It has allowed me to truly understand and appreciate where my contributions go and has taught me about many charitable organizations and the work they do in Mississauga.

Victoria Slusarczyk
RBC Mortgage Specialist

I joined this Chapter to feel connected to community and service, and I love being part of something bigger than myself. It is amazing to actually feel the impact of many people coming together with the common goal of helping others. It is a great reminder that our actions, however small, ripple out, creating change in the world!

Karla Smith
Founder & Certified Life Skills Coach
Karla Smith, Personal Transformation Coach

When I first learned about this chapter, I instantly reached out asking if I could help. As a business owner of a boutique web agency, I felt compelled to contribute to the success of this group in the best way that I knew how. I offered to build the website! Since then, I have stayed involved as a member because working together in a collective group of like-minded women and making an impact on a local community level is very important to me. When we team up and work together, we create a massive wave of positive change!

Aimee Eppel
Owner of CleanForest Consulting Corp.

I love the power of our group’s efforts in creating positive change in our community. Together we can create new programs that can be profoundly beneficial, that wouldn’t exist if I made a single donation on my own. That is why I joined!

Kathy Stewart
“M.Ed, B.Ed, BScH, CNP
Nutritionist and Educator
Founder of COOKSMART”

I joined the 100 Women Who Care Mississauga because of my belief that together we can make a huge impact in our local charities. By combining our $100 donation, we can build a special group of like minded women that regularly donate and create a powerful change in our community.

Helen Filipe
Azul Education Services

I like the fact that I know my money is going to exactly where I expect it to. I have not been able to get out into the community to volunteer in person as I have wanted to, so this is a great alternative to still be able to serve.

Tovey Blake
Above All Admin Support Services

When I heard about 100 Women Who Care Mississauga, I immediately realized the immense good that I personally could do in my own small way, and still have a major impact. As Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” I wanted to be a part of this ocean that would enrich the lives of others. After having joined, I see the hard work put in by the members of the Vetting Committee, and all the other ladies that come together at every Giving Circle, and I feel very proud to be associated with such an inspiring group of women with the common goal of making the world a better place.

Amisha Moorjani
The Food Quotient

Community and giving back are big deals to me!! I know and trust so many of the amazing women in this group that I just knew together we can accomplish so many AMAZING things!! Joining this group meant I could do more for local charities who in turn could help so many more people in need! It is quite an educational group as well, I get to learn about so many more charities and what they are doing for the community too! It has truly been fulfilling!! Thank you!

Kandice-Lee Doucette
Kandice-Lee Fired Up: Meal Prep Coach & Independent Epicure Consultant

It is an immense privilege to be able to help others. I recently completed a profoundly satisfying project with the Compass Foodbank and Outreach Centre, designing their amazing cookbook, All Roads Lead to Good Food. As long as I have the ability to help others, I will continue to do so. That is why I am honoured to be part of the 100 Women Who Care – by collectively working toward a charitable goal, we as women multiply our sharing potential and create a bigger impact than I can ever make on my own.

Wendy Vujacic
Creative Custom Coaster

I joined 100 Women Who Care Mississauga to make a difference in our community and be part of something significant. I love this community. I get to work alongside some amazing women who have the same values as I do. Donating time, energy, and money to people who need it the most gives me a sense of satisfaction. I feel I have received more than I gave; to be part of this chapter has been a blessing. I hope to make an example with my children and show them they can make positive changes in the world at a young age.

Maria Saverino
Milagro Interiors

When I first heard about this group, I wondered just how much I could do. But, once I thought it through, I realized that while my donation may be small, together with like minded women, we CAN make a difference. I love that we have a say in what charity we support, that all the charities are local and that 100% of the monies collected go to charity.

Cathy Bochnak


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