Charity Nomination Process

At least one month before each Giving Circle, we will announce a call for nominations. Nominations may be made by any member in Good Standing*.

Online Nomination forms must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the Giving Circle meeting. A deadline will be set and adhered to. Nominees will be vetted using the Chapter Guidelines and all eligible charities will be included in a random draw for three finalists. A representative from each of the three charities will present at the next Giving Circle meeting. The organization selected by plurality vote, which means whoever has the most votes, will receive the donation on the night of the Giving Circle meeting and be asked to present at a future meeting on the impact of the contribution.

To be considered eligible, charities MUST:

  • be Canadian,
  • be based in Mississauga, and serve the Mississauga community,
  • have a Charitable Registration Number, 
  • issue tax receipts for each individual donation,
  • have an immediate, specific need,
  • ensure 100% of our donation be applied to the need in question, and
  • agree not to add donors to their email lists.

Please note: If a member of 100 Women Who Care Mississauga heads their own charity, they may not self-nominate. Another member may nominate on their behalf. The nominating member cannot be an employee of the charity.

The nomination process starts fresh each quarter. Please feel free to resubmit a charity for consideration if it was not selected. Charities that have received a group donation are ineligible for nomination for two years following receipt of the donation. Charities which have received a donation and are currently not eligible for nomination are The DAM (June 2021), EveryMind (December 2021), Heart House Hospice (March 2022), and The Compass Food Bank and Outreach (June 2022).

KEY DATES FOR Spring 2023

Our first Giving Circle Meeting of 2023 is coming up on Wednesday, March 8th.  Here are some important dates:

  • Nominations Open: Tuesday, January 31
  • Charity Nominations Close: Thursday, February 14
  • Charity Vetting Begins: Friday, February 15
  • Winter Info Session: Wednesday, February 15 (7:30 pm) Event Details | RSVP
  • Random Selection of Vetted Charities: Wednesday, March 1
  • Winter Giving Circle: Wednesday, March 8 (7:30 pm) Event Details | RSVP

*A member in Good Standing has completed the registration and commitment form for that calendar year and has made all of their required donations to date.


Vita Centre

December 2022 Recipient

Collective Donation of $11,000

Cheque Presentation to Vita Centre


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