Group Photo from our March 2024 Giving Circle

100 Women Who Care Mississauga Reaches Charitable Giving Milestones

100 Women Who Care Mississauga reached a few milestones during the first quarter of 2024, and we couldn’t be happier! Launched in April, 2021, with the goal of collectively donating charitable funds to local, Mississauga-based charities, we have gathered over 100 women into our membership, given our largest single donation to date, and reached a significant donation milestone, all before our 3rd anniversary!

March Giving Circle

At the March Giving Circle, our ninth, we heard from three charities, nominated by our members and pre-selected at random.  The charities were invited to pitch their cause to our members in a 5-minute presentation, with a 3-minute Q&A, and the members then voted for the charity whose cause moved them the most.  The presenting charities, and the needs they were hoping to have funded, were:

Food Banks Mississauga

Food Banks Mississauga is the leading food security organization in Mississauga. They lead a network of 60+ agency members, including neighbourhood food banks, pantries, cupboards, and meal and snack programs, working together to realize a food-secure Mississauga. Through their network, they provide healthy and appropriate food for almost 6 million meals each year to neighbours facing food insecurity across Mississauga.

Katie Craig speaking on stage at the March 2024 Giving Circle
Photo credit: Katrina Sutton

Katie Craig, Community Partnerships Coordinator, presented on behalf of Food Banks Mississauga. She talked about the increased demand for Food Banks over the last few years. Every month is a new record breaking demand for food banks. The need she presented was to keep the shelves of the food banks in Mississauga stocked with fresh produce, dairy and meat, as well as staple pantry products.

Options Mississauga Print & Office Supply

Options Mississauga has played a crucial role in championing employment opportunities for neurodiverse individuals and individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1993. This grassroots organization began as a response to government cutbacks to funded day programs in the ‘90s. They provide a diverse range of training programs in Retail Service, Print & Office Services, Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, and Horticulture. These programs not only equip trainees with valuable hands-on skills and employability soft skill training—they also create avenues for them to generate income through social enterprises, such as the Print Shop, cooking for outreach programs and events, and selling artwork through our retail store, markets, and exhibits.

Christine Barlow speaking on stage at the March 2024 Giving Circle
Photo credit: Katrina Sutton

Christine Barlow, Business Manager for Options Mississauga, presented on their behalf. Their need was to update the training programs for their trainees, to improve their skills and employability. They are wanting to utilize a program called Upskills for Work. It is a free program, but they need funds for trainers and facilitators to actually enact the programs.

EFRY Hope & Help for Women

EFRY Hope and Help for Women advocates for and uplifts women and girls at a higher risk of experiencing violence, poverty, and incarceration. Everything they do is to help females at risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation live healthier and safer lives. That is why they work on prevention and reintegration and advocate on their behalf. They show up every step of the way because that’s what builds intimacy to the issues, and insight into the system and the relationships required to change policy.

Crystal Shepherd speaking on stage at the March 2024 Giving Circle
Photo credit: Katrina Sutton

Presenting for EFRY Hope & Help for Women was Crystal Shepherd, Managing Director. The need presented by EFRY was for funding for their support programs for women living in the Peel transition house, providing essential supplies for their employment, skills training, and the fees associated with furthering education and employment skills.

And the Donation Goes To…

Our members voted, and the recipient of the March 2024 Giving Circle was announced by a representative of the March Title Sponsor, Peel Police Services Board Vice Chair, Sumeeta  Kohl.  The collective donation recipient was EFRY Hope & Help for Women!  After all the donations were tallied, our members, plus some bonus donations from Sponsors CEP Innovations and Seamless Rightsizing, and also from The StoryBox Company, the total amount donated, our largest to date, was $15,023!  We want to thank the wonderful women in this community within the community we have built, for their continued support of not only 100 Women Who Care Mississauga, but also the Mississauga communities that are served by the charities we have supported and continue to promote.

Christine Hull stands with members of the Peel Police Service Board to present big cheque on stage to EFRY
Photo credit: Katrina Sutton

Cheque Presentation

On April 22, members of the Steering Team went to the Mississauga offices of EFRY Hope & Help for Women to present the big cheque, with a final donation amount of $15,023. LeeAnn Bailey, Manager of Anti Human Sex Trafficking Programs and Services, has some words of thanks for the donation:

“Just providing that opportunity for individuals is huge, so it is really about equity right? And giving them a fair shot and increasing their circle of support, increasing their self reliance, their sense of independence, empowering them to build some confidence in many different ways they haven’t had the chance to do. Finding sustainable funding is not so easy and something like this is a game changer for us and we just can’t thank you enough.

You may never know the impact you have on a daily basis to our girls and women, but I can assure you, take it from me, it’s huge and I just want to say a huge heartfelt thank you and I will make sure we take care of it. I just can’t thank you enough.”
Members of the 100 Women Who Care Steering Team presenting the final big cheque to EFRY

Collective Donation Milestone Achieved!

Over the last 3 years we have celebrated some milestones, both big and small–our launch via ZOOM (thanks COVID!).  We held our first in-person Giving Circle after a year of virtual meetings; we grew our membership to 100 women, then more, until we are now over 130 members; we made our first $10,000+ donation (it was actually $11,000!), and the donation amounts just keep growing; we have had notable female guests, like MPP–Mississauga-Streetsville Nina Tangri and, virtually, Charmaine Williams, Ontario’s Associate Minister of Women’s Social and Economic Opportunity and MPP for Brampton Centre.  

The most significant milestone we recently reached was a total collective donation to Mississauga charities of $100,000+, and this happened before our 3rd anniversary! 

“We are beyond thrilled to announce that our chapter has reached a remarkable milestone! Thanks to the incredible generosity of our dedicated members, sponsors, and friends, we’ve achieved a collective donation of $100,000!

This incredible achievement is a testament to the power of coming together as a community to make a difference. Each and every one of you has played a vital role in reaching this milestone, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to our cause. Together, we’re making a real and meaningful impact in the lives of those who need it most. Let’s keep spreading love, kindness, and generosity wherever we go!”

Christine Hull, Founder and President, 100 Women Who Care Mississauga

Stay tuned as we move boldly into our fourth year, excited and expectant, of all the new milestones and records we will smash!! And don’t forget to register for the June 12th Giving Circle so you can experience the excitement in person.

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